All the Dark Earth Miscrits

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All the Dark Earth Miscrits

Post  MagmaDragoon on Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:17 am

Evolution1: Dark Croaky

"Dark Croaky goes into a terrible rage when it's awoken from a nap. The stone on its back turns even redder when it's angry."

Evolution 2: Dark Emeribbit

"Dark Emeribbitt's croak is sorrowful and menacing all at once. It's one of the most frightening sounds to hear on the mountain at night."

Evolution 3: Dark Gemphibian

"There are many stories whispered about Dark Gemphibian's ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere, but no one really knows how it's possible."

Evolution 4: Dark Geotoad

"Dark Geotoad takes great pleasure in punishing any Miscrits that are foolish enough to get close to its horribly sharp crystal teeth."
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Evolution 1: Dark Eggy

"Dark Eggy cannot see out of its shell, yet its hateful stare can be felt even when its eyes aren't seen."

Evolution 2: Dark Pebblesaur

"Dark Pebblesaur manages to get away with all sorts of horrible misdeeds by feigning innocence, but don't be fooled. Its heart is dark."

Evolution 3: Dark Terraptor

"Dark Terraptor's terribly gloomy and mean-spirited outlook on life can be largely attributed to its frustratingly short arms."

Evolution 4: Dark Rocklodon

"Dark Rocklodon's preferred battle tactic is to latch onto its opponent with its terrible jaws and then beat it senseless with its tail. It is shockingly brutal."
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Evolution 1: Dark Craggy

"Dark Craggy draws sunlight in through the cracks in its rocky back, mostly for warmth, but also because it likes the evil-looking glow that it creates."

Evolution 2: Dark Billyboulder

"Dark Billyboulder will eat absolutely anything, but prefers to munch on valuables carried by adventurers. It relishes in watching the tears of the previous owner."

Evolution 3: Dark Bezoar

"Dark Bezoars use their superior navigation skills to hide in the most remote mountain caves, where they plot ruthless attacks upon other Miscrits."

Evolution 4: Dark Mineram

"Its ability to utterly destroy any material in its path makes Dark Mineram extremely deadly, since it finds the most enjoyment in crushing bones."
--------------------------------------Last but not least------------------------------------------

Evolution 1: Dark Bullo

"Dark Bullo is quite possibly the most angry Miscrit around. It has no friends, only enemies. And it likes it that way."

Evolution 2: Dark Mako

"Dark Mako may not require any water to stay alive, but it does seek out moisture in the tears of its victims."

Evolution 3: Dark Hamma

"Dark Hamma uses its powerful tail to knock enemies unconscious. ...They usually never wake up again."

Evolution 4: Dark Omegaladon

"The rocky gems on Omegaladon's fins and back are super-hardened, and can cut through the densest rock. You don't want to see what they can do to bone."

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