Mooncrit Evo's and Pics

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Mooncrit Evo's and Pics

Post  MagmaDragoon on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:58 am

Evolution 1: Mooncrit

"No one is quite sure if Mooncrit created the moon, or if Mooncrit came into being from part of the moon. Either way, they are inextricably connected."

Evolution 2: Lunaris

"Lunaris has a soft, beautiful glow that comes from the crystals that grow on its body. The source of the crystals' glow is unknown."

Evolution 3: Orbitor

"The streams of water and rock that surround Orbitor are constantly rotating around its core, but at such a slow rate it's imperceptible to the naked eye."

Evolution 4: Crateron

"Crateron can create massive craters using pure energy expelled from its hand. The physics of it are quite impressive."

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