Shurikoon Evo's and Pics

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Shurikoon Evo's and Pics

Post  MagmaDragoon on Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:24 pm

Evolution 1: Shurikoon

Shurikoon can make its body entirely transparent. It uses this skill to more easily sneak up on its enemies."

Evolution 2: Sailbat

"Saibat's claws are metallic, and they are the only part of its body that cannot disappear into the air on command."

Evolution 3: Batcoon

"Batcoon uses its sword to light its path while it flies through the dark, eerie night sky. Its body glows beautifully as it's in the air."

Evolution 4: Ninjat

"Ninjat moves so quickly that it doesn't need to make itself invisible to avoid being seen. It simply zooms around as quickly as it needs to."

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