Honeybolt Evo's and Pics

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Honeybolt Evo's and Pics

Post  MagmaDragoon on Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:14 pm

Evolution 1: HoneyBolt

"Honeybolt hides in trees, roaming around and constantly looking for its favorite food and its namesake: honey."

Evolution 2: Rooin

"Rooin spends nearly all of its time in the trees. It's incredibly agile despite its lumbering size, and it has no problem getting to the very tops."

Evolution 3: Huskajolt

"Huskajolt has spent so much time among the trees that it's started to become more like one of them. The stumps on its arms act as armor."

Evolution 4: Briarshock

"Briarshock's ferocious nature is very closely tied to its desire to protect the trees which make up its home."

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