Nanaslug Evo's and Pics

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Nanaslug Evo's and Pics

Post  MagmaDragoon on Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:03 pm

Evolution 1: Nanaslug

"Legends say that Nanaslug was born inside of a tornado, and that's what imbued it with magical wind powers." Nanaslug

Evolution 2: Spikroo

"Spikroo uses its combination of Wind and Water to create powerful lashes of water in battle, but it's still perfecting the technique."

Evolution 3: Slimist

"Slimist, never really fitting in as a Water or Wind type, spends much of its time alone, working tirelessly on its battle technique."

Evolution 4: Tornadouse

"Even though Tornadouse has watery wings, it doesn't use them to fly. If it wants to soar into the air, it uses the small cyclone at its feet.]

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